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Social Marketing – Will It Work?

So, you have a big idea and you want to let everyone know about it? The social marketing revolution is probably the best thing that ever happened ‘since sliced bread’! But, will it work for you?

One of the most common flaws in many different social marketing campaigns is the lack of split-testing performed. It is paramount to never assume that a specific message or pathway will deliver results. A more holistic, thorough, and ultimately more logical, approach is to let the data paint the picture for you. Even if you have been in your industry for many years, it is important to not get bogged down in what end users should do or what they may do, and understand that markets ebb and flow in many different directions. It is better, rather, to focus on what markets are actually doing based on their movements and interactions with different forms of social marketing.

Your Concept

The most important part of a social marketing campaign is your concept. This is how you are going to bring your product or service ‘to life’ and deliver a message that is strong and relevant to your target audience. Think big, but think realistic.

The second part of your concept should be how to engage the end user with what you are trying to say to them. How can you compel them to interact with your content in a way that relates to them as an individual? Should you be professional? Should you be quirky? Should you use modern social colloquialisms and culture to make your ads seem more personal or evoke an emotional response? The short answer is, you will never know unless you try it all.

Split-Test, Split-Test & Then Split-Test Some More!

This brings us to the crux of this blog: split-testing your messaging and concept to review the actual outcomes of your delivery—without succumbing to common marketing flaws, such as the assumption of audiences or deliverables. You need to build campaigns that test different messaging across various demographics, and hone in on what gives you your preferred outcome of conversions. Assign a small amount of your total budget to each campaign and allow sufficient time to pass to generate enough data to analyse and review which approach led you to your desired outcome.

When you realise which version is most in line with your desired outcome, throw everything you have at it! This is really the only way to ensure you are getting the most out of your marketing budget, and ultimately getting the best results that you can out of your campaign.


Let’s Wrap This Up!

In conclusion, ‘assumption is the mother of all stuff ups’. Only through quality research and learned findings can you rest assured that you have used the tools available to get the best possible outcome from your concept messaging. This is obviously an incredibly time consuming and labour intensive process, and most businesses do not have the time to put this sort of effort into research and investigation. Here at WME, we are proficient in the art of data analysis and split-testing, extremely affordable, and can take the trial and error that comes with trying to ascertain your market audience. We are an agency that is customer-centric, results-driven and breeds creativity and innovation, with a real passion for life—and this includes you!


By Dmitri Ivanovich

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