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Ways to Drive Traffic from Pinterest to Your Site

To many people, Pinterest is considered a smaller network in comparison with others such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in terms of traffic ranking and enterprise utilities. Some think it is narrow and its layout is not as appealing compared to other bigger networks. However, Pinterest has a lot to offer to help you drive and strengthen your brand. Here is an account of various ways to drive traffic from Pinterest to your site.

Make sure to always use the Pin It button

The Pin It button is a unique plugin designed by Pinterest to form an overlay on all the images you post on your website. When clicked, it provides your website links to the user’s board with the selected image as the header. Because it is invisible, it remains unobtrusive, and Pinterest users enjoy it. Besides, the user can have the social sharing button in the lineup for faster sharing.

Interact with followers as much as possible

When you use Pinterest, the followers are alerted to see the pin boards and even pin respective items. This makes it easy to see those who pinned your items and engage them. You can engage the followers by pinning their content. This way, you curate content for your website feed that makes others hopeful that your attention will be focused on them. Also, you can engage the followers by commenting on their content and hope they will also become active together with their extended followers.


Share themed content

Once you get a follower, ensure to follow them back to know the trending content. This is critical because your followers want something new, and you can avoid what has been trending. It is advisable to take topics from the top trending pins and get new content from others in similar niches. The aim is providing your followers with a wide diversity and not presenting what is obvious. This is a great way of building your audience because people will be looking to your board for inspirational content all the time.

Utilise products with rich pins

Rich pins are unique posts that help pull data uniquely from your website. Though you need to do some coding, the results will be worthwhile because managing products pins will be very easy. The objective is that rich pins help to pull information for greater accuracy and prices of products. Because the links go back to your website, more followers will keep coming for updated information.

Utilise taller images

Pinterest, unlike other social networking sites, is a vertical format with images of a maximum width of 238 pixels and 735 pixels when expanded. However, the height is flexible, and the Pinterest page will always adjust to accommodate it. Studies have demonstrated that when images are bigger, about 800 pixels tall, they work better on Pinterest. The added advantage of this is that the extended image is ideal for sharing an infographic. To get even more traffic, ensure that the graphics are carefully done so that every person who comes across it will not be turned away.


Add enough text on your images

Pinterest allows you to use as much text on images as possible. Indeed, you can even post text as an image. The best way to do it is adding actual pictures below even when sharing quotes. To get even more followers pinning your posts, think of picking themes for your quotes and images.


Pinterest is a great social networking platform that can easily drive a lot of traffic to your site when used properly. It is more flexible on how marketers use text and images so that you can post better to win followers. If you use the outlined six ways, you can be sure of driving a lot of traffic to your site.


By Shounak Gupte

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