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WME Gets on Snapchat!

Watch out, everybody! We’ve just jumped onto the Snapchat bandwagon, and we’re looking forward to giving you inside access into the happenings at WME HQ.

Did we hear you ask why?

Well, aside from priding ourselves on our ability to keep up with the cool kids, we also wanted to give our staff and clients live access to our events, share the good times we have here at work, and keep our followers posted on job opportunities.

That last point might take you by surprise, but Snapchat is proving to be a really useful tool for attracting tech-savvy talent to an organisation such as ours.

Convincing millennials to commit

Millennials are becoming increasingly discerning as to what job opportunity they commit to. Not only do they want to know about the work and the pay, but they want to really know about the culture. While we could write endlessly about how much we love a Friday afternoon bevvy, or how we give birthday cupcakes and balloons to every member of staff, it just doesn’t quite do the trick in convincing them that we’re a worthy place to work at. As a mobile-savvy cohort, there’s only so much reading they’ll do to find out about company culture.


To better inform them of the goings-on here, we’re going to start harnessing the power of Snapchat. After all, in Australia alone, there are two million monthly active users. We think there’s loads of opportunity to better inform potential employees of the great culture we enjoy here.

Using Snapchat to show, not tell

For starters, we’ll provide followers with access to our training and development sessions, hand over the reins to a staff member who can show others what it’s like to work in their team, post new job opportunities, and roll out company ideas. Instead of sending out another press release, we thought we’d just show everyone what we’re all about.

A number of companies are catching onto the Snapchat recruiting trend. A Washington D.C.-based digital agency recently used the app to attract an intern who would be comfortable with social media. To do so, the agency snapped three questions and shared them on their story, asking applicants to describe themselves and to share an advertising trend that had recently caught their attention. And an agency in Oslo invited job applicants to send in a 10-second pitch, promised in return to watch every single submission, and fly the winner over for an interview. Not only did it generate a huge amount of buzz, but they also found a candidate who was the perfect fit for their creative team.

snapchat code

There are so many highly-engaged, tech-savvy individuals out there, and we think the app is an exciting way to not only share our creative tendencies, but to also find out about all our followers’ personalities and to discover what inspires them. So if you’d like to see what goes on at 131 Queen St, then take a snap of the above code or add wmegroup. We look forward to snapping with you soon.

By Cassie Chorn

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