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Do new leads, more sales and a prosperous future for your business sound like your cup of tea? At WME, we create innovative strategies tailored for your business that guide you towards a brighter future. With our digital strategies and SEO services, your business will gain the online exposure it needs to tap into the market and take bigger leaps forward— conquering your competitors in way you didn’t think possible.

Our SEO experts are some of the best in the web marketing industry, helping businesses across various channels reach new heights and greater customer pools through targeted campaigns. If you are looking for the best search engine optimisation agency Sydney has to offer, you have come to the right place! To find out more, get in touch today.

What is SEO?

Despite being one of the core online marketing strategies in the digital age, there is still a lot of confusion about what these mysterious three letters really mean. SEO (search engine optimisation) involves tailoring your company’s website to improve its ranking on internet search engines. In other words, our SEO services in Sydney will boost your exposure to relevant web traffic and increase the likelihood that you are chosen over your competitors. Through local SEO targeting across Sydney, as well as other tactics outlined by the consultants at our digital marketing agency, your Sydney business will be ahead of the rest on major search engines.

Through extensive keyword research, market analysis and innovative solutions, our digital agency will help your website achieve higher value in the eyes of search engine algorithms. In turn, this gives your company a much stronger online presence and encourages higher internet traffic from people who are specifically looking for what you offer. Gone are the days of painstakingly flicking through a hard copy of the white pages — in an age where ‘Google it’ has become common vernacular, let the web marketing experts at our firm reinvigorate your marketing strategy and drive your business towards greater success.

How will SEO benefit you?

How will SEO benefit you?

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Rank Higher on Google

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Dominate Your Industry

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Learn More About Your Audience

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Build Brand Authority

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Generate More Targeted Leads

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Reach ROI Goals

Who Needs Search Engine Optimisation?


From a local business to an international company, we have the capacity to maximise potential and help our clients win. Our consultants tailor each campaign to the specific needs of each client, firmly keeping on top of progress to offer regular reports on the status and success of the strategies developed.

Our SEO consultants are constantly developing their knowledge and skills to ensure that the developments they are making with your site are in line with the latest ‘best practice’ ranking factors.
Whether you have a brick and mortar store that currently has no digital presence, or an online business with an established site, our SEO firm can help you become discoverable to your target audience.

Offering A Range of Digital Services

We’re more than just Sydney’s top SEO company — there’s a reason we’ve been ranked by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing tech companies in Australia, in addition to being recognised among the most rapidly expanding agencies in the country by SmartCompany three years in a row. From Google AdWords and social media to creative web design, we can deliver a comprehensive range of in-house services. Our full range of internet marketing services are exactly what your Sydney business needs to succeed online.

To find out more or to take your first step, contact our SEO experts! The team at WME are excited to help your business reach new heights.

What our clients say about us

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Why WME?

Australia’s trusted content strategy company

No matter what your business type — B2B, B2C, service, e-commerce or brick and mortar store — WME can set you up with a winning digital e-marketing strategy. When it comes to top content, WME is hard to beat. With the largest onsite content team in Australia, we have the knowledge, expertise and talent all under the one roof.

How Does SEO Work?
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website for certain keywords to help it reach the first page of organic search results. It combines user experience elements (like engaging content and site speed) with technical elements (like meta titles) to show search engines that your website is the most useful, authoritative and trustworthy result for that search query.
How often do I need to do SEO?
SEO is not a set and forget strategy. If you optimise your site once and leave it be, you’ll risk losing authority and rankings to competitors who continue to adjust their sites. At WME we provide monthly reporting on your SEO campaign so you can see how things are tracking and update your campaign as required.
What's the future of SEO?
Predicting the future is typically a fools game but we can suggest possibilities based on current trends. As search engines continue to prioritise user experience (UX), the future of SEO is likely to include a greater balance between UX and technical elements. Mobile-friendly websites and searching will continue to drive updates to algorithms so that users are able to access the best results on whichever device they choose.
How long does it take to see the results of SEO efforts?

Our strategies are designed to bring you results within the first few months however, there are a few factors which impact how long it takes to establish rankings including;

  • How competitive your industry or keywords are
  • Whether your site has been penalised in the past
  • Whether you’ve had prior optimisation for your site
My traffic dropped by over 70% last week can you tell me why?
If you’ve experienced a sudden drop in your traffic or rankings the best thing to do is analyse your website to check for any changes made before you noticed the drop. We can perform an analysis for you and recommend you get in touch with our team on 1300 663 995 for more details.
What recommendations would you give to someone starting up a business with their SEO strategy?
With a new business and website, we recommend low competition keywords. Even if you’re worried these keywords are not what you want to target, you need to start building your authority before you can start reaching for the highly competitive results. The important thing to remember is that SEO is a long-term strategy. The longer you practice it, the more you can achieve with your campaign.