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How DiCaprio Finally Won His Oscar – and How You Could Do the Same

The day is Sunday the 28th February. The occasion: the Oscars, the pinnacle of show business. It would be on this day that Leonardo DiCaprio finally gets his hands on a well-deserved Oscar for his leading role in The Revenant. After years of patiently waiting and coming agonisingly close on several occasions, the Academy voted that this was his year – much to his (and almost everyone else’s) delight. However, this was no fluke, and, in fact, the story behind this remarkable win is something that we can translate to almost every aspect of life, but for this case study I will step away from Hollywood and turn to our digital marketing universe… So, how did Leo do it?

If at first you don’t succeed…

Leo has been nominated four times previously for this accolade, each time falling at the final hurdle. While some may have questioned his performances in movies such as The Man in the Iron Mask, Leo took opportunities where he tried and failed in order to pick up his skills and try something different.

When marketing for a website, there is no 100% guarantee of anything. We can look to past cases, utilise industry knowledge and expertise, take strongly educated guesses and use common sense, but if we knew all the answers, then Google wouldn’t be the force that it is. There is no problem in trying something and it not working. The key is identifying what is working, what isn’t and then adjusting the approach accordingly.


Adding more strings to your bow

Similarly, there is not always only one answer. Often it’s a mixture of two, three or several avenues that bring the required success. If Leo had still been clinging onto his chances at winning an Oscar for Wolf of Wall Street two years ago he would have no chance. Sometimes it takes a range of performances to get the accolade and sometimes it takes a range of digital strategies to breed the required success.


We have read about the gruelling conditions that the cast and crew of The Revenant faced, with temperatures dropping to sub-zero for weeks on end. This is no-one’s ideal situation, but Leo knew what he had to do and had full trust in his director, Alejandro Iñárritu. Sometimes digital marketers will tell you to do things to your website that you may not agree with or have the time to do. But remember, just as with Alejandro, there is a reason for everything. Our sole aim is to get your website to achieve all that it is capable of, and we recommend these strategies for your own benefit.

Easy on the eye

Calm down people, I’m talking about the film here. No matter how good a character’s performance is, if the film is terrible they will have a huge uphill climb ahead of them. The Revenant won an Oscar for best director and best cinematography, which means that Leo had good foundations behind him. You may have a quality marketing strategy in place, but it’s vital that your product, brand and website reflect that in their message and appearance to the audience.

So I guess, to summarise, what I’m trying to say here is that your website doesn’t really have anything to do with the Oscars, but if it did, wouldn’t you want to be amongst the nominees?


By Zach Goodman

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