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Boost Endorphins, Boost Productivity!

Exercise produces endorphins, endorphins boost productivity. It’s science, people. The fact that some workplaces are still yet to jump on the bandwagon is beyond us. Nonetheless, we encourage our employees to get out and walk around at lunch and also pay for yoga classes at no expense to them—and it has worked for us. Why not try it at your workplace, what do you have to lose? Apart from the kilos… sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.

We can hear your reservations from here. ‘Our workplace is too fast paced’, ‘there’s nowhere nice to walk’, ‘the hustle and bustle and slow commuters means I can’t walk fast enough or long enough to achieve a heightened heartrate’ and ‘we already have too many expenses as it is’. Take a breather, relax, we have come up with some solutions.

We understand that we are very lucky to have the luxury of being able to provide our staff with free yoga and are mindful that it is not within everyone’s budget. If you can afford it, it’s a great investment, but there are alternatives.

1. Take the stairs

We know, we know, it can be hard to trade the elevator for the stairs pre-coffee. Nonetheless, if you spend your days in front of a computer, future you will thank you for starting your day off with some, albeit light, exercise. And once you’ve started the day off with stairs, there’s no excuse not to keep the momentum going! If you’re feeling extra motivated, why not pick up the pace? The higher your heartrate the better these little spurs of exercise are for you.

2. Walk ‘n’ talk

On the phone a lot? Get up ‘n’ get moving! Start off with a leisurely walk and work your way up to some lunges. You might score yourself some awkward looks to start off with, but as time goes on your colleagues will join you. Especially after they see how lean you’ve become! When this becomes tiresome, mix it up with an on-the-spot jog and some virtual scenery.

3. Under(desk)cover workouts

Simple leg raises and crunches can be done under your desk as you work, leaving those around you none the wiser. Start with something basic, straightening one or both legs and holding for five or more seconds, repeat as many times as you wish throughout the day. Start with 15 reps and increase the amount as you see fit. Pun intended. Want to work your abs as well? Secure a briefcase or bag between your feet to work your abdominals too. Exercising undercover, how very badass.

4. Bring yoga to the office

You may not be aware, but there’s several yoga moves you can bust out whilst you work, including: the scale pose, high alter pose, twist, cow face arms and ankle to knee. If this sounds like gibberish to you, you’re not alone. A quick Google search will uncover several resources, including numerous YouTube videos, to help translate.

5. Trade in your chair

Allowing your employees to trade in their traditional chairs for a medicine ball, if they wish, will improve their posture and give them the opportunity to partake in some light exercise as they work and on their breaks. The boost in endorphins will ensure you enjoy a nice bounce in results.

By Shounak Gupte

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