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Marty McFly’s Anticipated Return and Other Monumental Events

Today we celebrate exciting news for not only the tech and digital arenas, but rather, the entire world. As we collectively prepare for the much anticipated arrival of Marty McFly, we look back at various other highlights/lowlights from the month of October that came sort of, kind of, close (but not really) to this monumental event…


Falsified Reviews, Amazon Says No

For as long as users have been able to rate and review their favourite restaurant/bar/online store/service provider (the list goes on), there has been a small selection of users who chose to abuse it. Whether they are taking it as an opportunity to boost their company’s rating, or to sabotage someone else’s, paying users to make a false review has, unfortunately, become a reality of today’s online world. In fact, as is the case in this particular situation, some users will falsify a review for as little as five dollars.

Well, the team at Amazon has decided that some of these previously faceless critics should be held accountable. Yesterday legal proceedings against 1,114 ‘Jon Does’ who Amazon say have undermined the trust the website has worked hard to cultivate kicked off. The defendants in this case were paid five dollars or less for each falsified review, and Amazon hopes that this lawsuit will deter others in the future. If your company has been subject to negative reviews—fake or real—earlier this month, we provided some advice on how to put a positive spin on that nasty sting with help from our good friend, Bruce.


BlackBerry’s Bold Move or Last Ditch Effort?

In what has been dubbed by some as BlackBerry’s last ditch effort to stay relevant within the smartphone market, BlackBerry’s Android powered Priv is now up for pre-order in the UK. This comes shortly after CEO, John Chen, hinted that the company may withdraw from the sector completely. Interesting.

The phone comes with sliding keyboard, 3GB of RAM, 5.4 inch QHD display, a 1.8GHz Snapdragon processor and an 18 megapixel camera. BlackBerry has made an exclusive deal with Carphone Warehouse, and consumers can snap up the phone for £39 per month with an up-front fee of £59.99, or buy the phone SIM-less for 579.99. This puts the phone directly in competition with the iPhone 6S. Bold move.


Vibe Envy Intensifies

Late last week Facebook users experienced a peak in their ‘e-anxiety’ when a Facebook bug revealed just how many of their online friends don’t care about their latest selfie, funny cat photo or food snap. Awkward. The glitch revealed the ‘view count’ on users’ posts, which is normally only accessible internally, leading some users to take to social media to express their confusion. The bug also allowed users to view each other’s stats, heightening the level of awkwardness and leaving egos bruised and friends torn. The error, however, did not affect Facebook’s desktop app.


One Perceptive Driver Foils Hackers’ plan 

In a weird twist of fate the lift sharing service, Uber, experienced a tech-hiccup of their own on the same day. Due to a computer system flaw, Uber accidently exposed the data of 700 of its U.S drivers. Oops. The bug was rectified thirty minutes after it was stumbled upon by one of the affected drivers. In a statement released by Uber they praised the perceptive driver, apologised for the breach and promised action:

“We’d like to thank the driver who drew it to our attention and apologise to those drivers whose information may have been affected. Their security is incredibly important to Uber, and we will follow up with them directly…”

The error was reportedly the work of hackers.


Finally, as Halloween draws closer, the digital world has been abuzz with costume ideas, both weird and wonderful, and we’ve been particularly impressed with those inspired by the online world itself. Here’s our personal favourite, inspired by the picture sharing app Snapchat’s most recent update no less:

*Update Marty McFly has just touched down at WME


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