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4 Free Google Tools You Shouldn’t Be Creating Content Without

Yep, it’s that search engine giant you know all too well about, but do you rely on it for more than just searching latest cat vines? Google’s domination of the digital space means there’s an expansive amount of resources available behind its name, primarily for content marketers. If you haven’t yet delved into the depths of what else this big player has on offer, you’re missing out—from trend tracking through to email automation, there’s a huge advantage attached to jumping on board its other free tools.

We wouldn’t send you off searching (on Google for Google?) without pinpointing them for you, so here you go—five must-have (and free) tools you should be using in your everyday content marketing antics…

1. Keyword Planner

You could stray to a third-party version for these analytics, but why would you trust another platform to report on Google’s own data? The Google AdWords Keyword Planner still remains one of the top favourites across the digital marketing space, mostly for its ability to powerfully return the highest volume keywords for a particular niche. This means bloggers can strategically work these phrases into their posts, hopefully gaining a rankings boost as a result.

A no-brainer, this tool is the absolute be-all-and-end-all of content marketing success. Able to identify traffic acquisition, user behaviour, views and more, this platform should be the one you choose above all else…especially if you decide to only use one. Analytics alone gives you enough indication as to whether you’re hitting the nail on the head or if you need to revise your overall strategy; think of those dreaded bounce rates—what are your users avoiding and what’s making them stick?


2. Search Console

Whether or not you have the time to do so, this tool can be dangerously addicted for those who like to trawl through numbers and data. There’s always so much to take in and learn from a platform like this, especially when it comes to checking the health of a website. As scary and confronting as this can be, learning exactly what’s working and what’s not is a critical aspect of any kind of digital marketing campaign, not just content; there’s no point creating some killer copy if your site isn’t up to scratch. Best of all, Google Search Console lets you check up on what keywords you’re ranking for and what others you can generate more content around, in order to boost them up. Becoming familiar with this function is a huge advantage—one that shouldn’t quickly be overlooked.

3. Google Trends

My absolute favourite tool as a content marketer, Google Trends gives you the low-down on top search queries, according to industry, topic and location. It literally lets you see exactly what your target audience is looking for, allowing you to generate content that answers their biggest questions. What more could you ask for?

4. Google Sheets

I have to admit, I’m still getting my head around all the functions and purposes this beauty can play in the content marketing game, but let me emphasise that the list is purely endless. The simplistic nature of Google Sheets means you can view all your most critical data and information across any device, whenever you need it most. Most notably, I’ve found it extremely nifty in tracking all my outreach opportunities and influencer engagements across my niche; when you’ve got so much on the go, it’s easy to get lost and forget what step you’re up to, but even if you only use it as a big to-do list, Google Sheets keeps it all sorted.

I’d love to go on for about another 600 words, but I know that’s a no-no. So there they are—get Googling.

By Cassie McBlane

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