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All Hail the Content King

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Every modern business has gone through the arduous yet ultimately exciting venture of creating a new website. You set up the framework, outline your services, and write up your first bits of content and ensure all your contact details are correct. Yet most stop there and wonder why they are not ranking on the big G and B (Google and Bing! for you technophobes).

One answer may be the fact that they have a stale site which is just boring or contains little content. Content is most certainly king in these days of Facebook sharing and viral marketing so making sure you at least understand the benefits of content marketing and creation is a must.

Content marketing is a great way to connect with your customers online. However producing decent content is not just a quick copy and paste as it takes strategic planning, creativity, consistency and a distribution routine.

Keep It Fresh

If you have a site which isn’t updated with content regularly you won’t be seen in the eyes of the search engines as ‘hip and happening’. Adding a blog or article section is the best way to stay fresh. Ticking along with new things to see and read will ensure you have new means to attract new clients and keep your current ones smiling.

If you don’t have a blog set up then it is best to speak to your developer to ensure it is setup properly. Once it is ready you should remember a few things:

Identify Your Audience and Tone

Before you start anything, you need to accurately identify who your ideal consumer is and what they could use in terms of content, tips and entertainment. Yes, entertainment, there is no reason why you can’t provide your audience with a few chuckles regardless of whether you are a lawyer or a gardener.

Depending on your audience you should select a tone and try to stick to it. In order to connect with your audience, you should do your best to empathise with them and provide what they are after.


Know Your Brand

Remember that your brand is your most valuable product so creating a brand identity is key to setting a standard across your site and all the written content that lies there within. Know yourself and the rest will follow.

Select the Right Topics

You should choose topics that are relevant to your demographic, but don’t be afraid to venture out a little as long as there is benefit for your clients. Create a mixture of evergreen content choices, as well as topics that address current trends. Evergreen content never gets old so it will always been found e.g. If you sell big screen TVs you can write something up on the history of the rear projection TV.

Distribution of Content

Every business is a little different and the potential for content distribution differs with each. Finding the right social platforms where your audience frequents is the first step here. If you are a photographer, stick to picture based platforms like Pinterest or Instagram. If you have appealing videos then look into YouTube and Vimeo.

Once that is sorted, look at other opportunities to link to your content. Using big screen TVs again as an example, you could write a few movie reviews and source links via IMDB’s external reviews section.

Link to Existing content

Once you develop a stockpile of content, remember to link to your other content. You can set up your blog by adding tags to each post so those tagged pages appear on other pages with similar content (this would be something for your web dev team). Don’t be scared to link to external sources too! As long as it supports what you are saying and is beneficial for your clients/audience then go for it.

Think beyond the written word and embed YouTube videos and SoundCloud clips to your posts. Subscribe to relevant channels and podcasts and use these to re-market on your own site.

Find Talented Content Creators

If writing is not your specialty, you may want to consider investing in a professional content writer to create your posts. To keep within your budget, complement your paid posts with re-blogging, sharing videos and other content that you can create and publish yourself.

You can acquire help via Fiverr or even Gumtree.

Create Diverse Content

You need to make sure that when you add a new post that you keep the content relatively unique and create a distinctive title. Having duplicate titles is a big no no and must be avoided. Mix up your posts with length starting with a 250 word post and then upping it to 600.


Check your stats regularly to see what posts work and what doesn’t. By discovering which posts garner the most traffic, you can link from those pages to others to direct your audience to new material.


Example of WordPress analytics.

Beat the Boredom

You may be saying this is good and all but what if your business is boring? How do you produce decent content and still cover all the things mentioned here?

Regardless of how boring you may think your business is to the common punter, there are many ways you can pump out some good reading:

  • Think about the history of your niche
  • Look into the process used to manufacture your product
  • Touch on any recent developments in your field
  • Write about experts in your field and how they’ve impacted the industry
  • Outline tips related to your business i.e. If you sell washing machines, write about the best way to get rid of stains.
  • You can create links from most subjects to films and music
  • Put a twist on a pop culture trend i.e. What if Dwayne Johnson was a plumber

You need to make something niche or boring into something universal and attractive. If you are still really stuck you can try this blog generator which can often generate a few giggles!

By creating diverse and fun content you help make your audience at ease while putting the ‘hard sell’ on hold. There is nothing wrong with just trying to have some fun and provide a nice read for your audience instead of hammering them with hints to buy.

In the end creating fresh content will keep you relevant and attractive to clients as well as the search engines.

Written by Chris Zerafa — SEO Specialist at WME.

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