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The Secret Ingredient to Writing Content for Your Business

Would you recognise your company’s content without the logo or brand colours? Most businesses assume they would be able to; however, it might surprise you that most small to medium businesses can’t. If you’re not sure, you can easily test it out for yourself by copying and pasting only the text of blog posts from both yours and your competitors’ sites onto a blank document. Print them off on plain paper and give them a read.

Without the logo or company name, is there anything to make your content stand out? If not, you’ll greatly benefit from the following article as we uncover the secret ingredient to valuable online content and the three things you need to know before you can write engaging content for your business.

Content that Brings Your Brand to Life

“Digital clutter” has become somewhat a buzzword of late and you can imagine why. As the web gets more and more content rich, users are starting to become distracted and often don’t know which way to look. For that very reason, it’s imperative that your business takes a long hard look at the content you’re producing to ensure it is clear, concise (not necessarily in length but in substance) and, most importantly, valuable to your target audience.


The Secret Ingredient

So, what’s this big, bad secret the world has been keeping from you? What’s the missing piece of the puzzle keeping your content just that little bit stale and generic? What’s stopping you from building your brand with content masterpiece after content masterpiece?

It’s pretty simple, really – and not much of a secret… You’re missing your very own brand voice.

A rich brand voice can elevate your content from bland and boring to specific and engaging. It can help you stand out in a crowded market, and it can win you loyalty from current and prospective customers.

Don’t underestimate the power of brand voice. Branded content is much more engaging than generic information composed without a specific tone or voice. Engaging, branded content, in conjunction with social media sharing, can spread farther and wider than you would expect. No matter what your business, the best content strategies will always include content that mirrors the personality of the brand, as it is more effective in building relationships with your audience.

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Develop Your Very Own Brand Voice

If you couldn’t recognise your own content amongst the pack, it’s time for you to more diligently develop your business’ brand voice. You can use the brand voice diamond to help you but, before you do, it’s important to identify these four key components of your brand:

  1. Know your purpose

Your company goals and aspirations shape the business you are today and the business you will become tomorrow. By revising your core values, you can start to think about how your content could be shaped with reference to what you, as a business, hold most dearly. This unique standpoint enables you to align your brand more closely with the customer and, ultimately, inspire a deeper loyalty in them.

  1. Know your competition

The next step is to know your competition – not copy them! You don’t want to be the same as anyone, let alone your competitors, so knowing and understanding how your competition speaks to their audience can help you find your own point of difference.


  1. Know your value

Why do people want to engage with your brand? This is a little bit of a ‘chicken and egg’ scenario; however, by clearly understanding the value of your brand – and, on a finer scale, your content – you can better provide that value.

You can do this by solving their problems, rather than flaunting your product line. Nurturing your clients and providing value outside the customary transactional relationship will build trust within your audience and allegiance to your brand.

Tailoring your content to what your audience perceives as valuable will eradicate “content for content’s sake” and maximise the appeal of your offerings. As a result, you will find yourself with a far more involved readership and a higher rate of customer retention.

  1. Finally: Know your brand

Being well aware of your brand and your industry is imperative before you can start to develop a writing style and tone of voice to represent yourself with. As a business owner, you will know your brand better than anyone; however, knowing the brand and being able to articulate its qualities, value and purpose are completely different things. Take the time to write these things down and nut out exactly how you want your brand to present to the market before you jump into writing content. This way, you’ll be much better placed to develop consistency across your marketing messages and build a much stronger foundation for your business.

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