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To Blog, Or Not To Blog — That is the Question


Maybe your writing skills are not going to rival that of Shakespeare, but should that stop you trying to blog? Is it even worth your time?

Short answers to the above would be no, then yes. But don’t worry, we won’t leave it there! We’ll try use this blog (see how good it is to blog?) to give you helpful answers to the above.

Blogs are something we talk about a lot, but often when we speak to clients about this, they aren’t sure quite where to start, or don’t really know if it will benefit them. It can be quite a commitment to make when you are already very busy. So let’s look at what the benefits can be for you.

Blogs for SEO

A common misconception is that if you write a few blogs and stuff with them with keywords, you’re immediately an SEO winner. No, nope. Untrue, won’t work.

A carefully constructed blog and social media strategy, on the other hand, can help your SEO efforts. Creating a blog gives you more pages that can be indexed in search results, therefore more pages that can be found in search results, giving more keywords the chance to rank.

Also, Google likes sites with fresh, regularly updated content – they want to see you give your site a little love. Therefore, creating a blog gives you the perfect opportunity to provide Google with that content, without adding more and more text onto existing pages on your website.

So, are keywords not important?

Yes, they are. Instead of thinking of how you can shove some keywords into a page of copy, think about the keyword as a topic. For example, here at WME, we want people to find us for digital marketing, SEO related terms etc. But there are lots of interesting topics in this industry – ta da lots of blog content we can write! Better yet, we can link that content together under umbrella topics such as SEO, or social media so we have nice content hubs that shows Google we know our stuff.

So, in short, use keywords as a starter for topics. Write regularly, link topics together, and you show Google you have lots of knowledge that users will take an interest in. Boom. Hello, increased traffic.

Blogs for brand awareness

Your blog should be the place to really show off your brand personality. It’s important to remember that people take an active interest in brands with personality. like brands that come across as “human”. Think of your favourite brand – why do you love it? Wouldn’t you like people to think of your brand that way, too? Make sure you are writing engaging content that people will come back to read again and again so that they have create a long lasting connection with your business.

It’s important to push your content out to ensure people read it. Enter, social media. Share links to your blog posts through your platforms and encourage engagement. If people like it, they’ll share it too, allowing more people to see it and check out your brand. Ultimately, it becomes one big cycle of sharing interests across networks, and it works.

As more and more people are reading, commenting on and sharing your blog, more people will be thinking of you come time to make a purchase. When they see you ranking highly on Google, and already have existing knowledge and interest in y our brand, they are more likely to click on your link, open that email or share your promotions.

It’s time to hit the ground running. Get blogging.




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