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What Types of Content Marketing are at Your Fingertips?

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With content marketing well and truly on the rise, it’s now becoming imperative for marketers and business-owners alike to gain a full comprehension of what this digital strategy is all about. We previously outlined why content marketing is one of the most-talked about topics in the online realm; now, we’re taking a microscope to the many different types that you can potentially invest in.

Pull up a seat and get comfortable as we show you the different ways you can incorporate content marketing into your business efforts.



First and foremost is the beloved art of blogging. Though blogging has certainly anchored the digital success of numerous individuals and businesses over the years, this strategy is soaring to even greater heights nowadays, with a predominant focus on purpose-driven content. Gone are the days of punching out slap-dash ‘McPosts’ – readers want to see valuable, unique material that has been thoroughly researched. In essence, it’s all about crafting a useful piece of writing that educates, informs or entertains.

Furthermore, there’s a growing inclination towards longer content these days. Blog posts of 800 words or more have shown to outperform shorter content in regards to social shares and Google rankings.


pexels-photo-261706 (1)

No, we’re not referring to electronic dance music – the term ‘EDM’ in the digital world means email direct marketing, and it’s a slick strategy that plenty of businesses are latching onto. Basically, it involves pushing out short-and-sharp emails that are aesthetically-striking and attention-grabbing.

Whether promoting a new service, announcing a piece of exciting industry news or endorsing a special deal, EDMs offer a really direct way to laser-target and nurture your existing customers. As such, you can reward returning customers and maintain your presence on their radars, which of course helps to build a personal relationship and shape brand loyalty.

Press releases

Getting your brand name to do the rounds on the media circuit is undeniably a prodigious way to amplify your exposure. A well-constructed press release has the means to pique the interest of journos and greatly expand your consumer reach.

When your press release is successfully published on external platforms, you build up major credibility points, boost your SEO rankings, and effectively position your business as an influential thought leader in your industry. Find out more about the benefits of press releases as a content marketing strategy here.

White papers


The idea of white papers is to issue a persuasive and in-depth document that highlights the features of a product, problem, service or solution. It’s handy to think of this content marketing strategy as kind of like an advanced problem-solving guide. While there are no real boundaries to writing a white paper, it’s important that you don’t approach it as simply a product pitch. Like blogs, you want to provide value to your reader and illustrate why your business is a leader in its industry.

Essentially, white papers are considered the ‘academic papers of content marketing’. In this regard, they should include a high degree of expertise backed by solid, fully-referenced research. Herein, white papers typically encompass a more serious and formal tone, while blogs tend to embrace creative and entertaining language.



E-books as a content marketing strategy are like white papers on steroids. These documents are typically quite lengthy and highly insightful, picking apart a topic at a really granular level. Unlike white papers, however, e-books can mesh together a combination of informative and entertaining tones. A good e-book should harness a sense of energy that makes it fun to read and appealing to engage with, while simultaneously educating the audience. Simply put, at the heart of e-books lies a rich, stimulating and valuable reader experience.

Landing pages


A customised and well-thought landing page can be a key tool for your content marketing tool kit. These are those website pages that visitors like to land on, which are structured to deliver on your promises offered. When executed effectively, landing pages should nudge your prospects towards taking the necessary action to becoming a customer of your business.

There are a few ingredients that make up what is generally deemed a ‘successful’ landing page. Essentially, you want to focus your attention on your offer rather than using your landing page as another opportunity to advertise your company. Call-to-actions should be scattered throughout, with careful consideration placed on which stage of the buyer’s journey your prospect is hovering at. The key is to put your customers first, deliver the information they need and gently encourage them to invest their time and effort into your business.

Offline content


*Gasp* yes, not all content has to be digital. Though the online world can certainly dominate at times, hard-copy materials also still play a part in promoting businesses. Brochures, flyers, direct mail, menus and fact sheets can all act as profitable content marketing tools that tap into new customers and boost conversion rates.

To summarise…

Evidently, content marketing is a vast and varied spectrum that includes a number of different methods. While image-heavy industries such as food and fashion can seriously benefit from EDMs, other areas like science, technology and medicine can make great use of white papers. At the end of the day, the nature of your business niche will play a big part in determining which content marketing strategy is ideal for your success.

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