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3 Important Things to Find Out Before You Hire

If you own a company, finding the perfect hire is one of the best parts of your job. You want to surround yourself with people who drive your business forward.

However, it’s also one of the most daunting too. Generally speaking, you’re only able to hire one person for the role. You want to make a great decision. Of course, you’ll never be 100% sure they’re right for the job. But there are some key things to look out for so you are a bit clearer on who you’re about to hire.

What fulfils them at work?

There’s bound to be one thing that drives your employee through their work. Whether it’s making a client’s day or creating a solution to a stressful problem, there will be at least one overarching reason why they wake up for work in the morning.


Ask your interviewee what they’ve received recognition for or what they’re most proud of. Ask them to tell you about a situation where they felt their happiest at work. Whatever they say, you’ll be able to see where their passions lie and find out what challenges them.

How do they handle stress?

This much is for sure: if we didn’t make mistakes, we wouldn’t be human. Whoever you’re interviewing for the role will have made some mistakes in their time – some of them huge. We can’t avoid mistakes, so what’s more important is how we learn from them.

Ask your candidate this question and see how they respond. If they focus on the problem, it could be a sign that they haven’t moved on. Focusing on their solution, or what they learnt from it, is a much better way to test how they’ll perform in the workplace.

Do they relinquish the need for perfection?

As a business owner, you’re concerned about two things. Number one is the wellbeing of your employees. Number two is your bottom line. Picking the employees that don’t stress themselves over the finer details means you’ll get projects completed quicker, and will have a happier employee base.


Even for the best of us, perfectionism can come naturally and we feel the pressure to complete a task flawlessly. Feeling this burn can be a good thing – after all, there’s nothing wrong with top quality, right? But it can also hinder productivity and even make it difficult to start a task in the first place. Before even starting a task, we might look ahead and procrastinate because, if the outcome isn’t going to be impeccable, what’s the point of even trying?

While striving for quality is hardly a bad thing, in high-pressure workplaces it can be difficult to know when to take a breath and accept that, while our output may not be ideal, it is close enough. Following this guideline doesn’t mean your work will be of less quality. In fact, it may actually be better, as you won’t be dealing with the stress and can just focus on a job well done.

By Nick Bell

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