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Coffee, Netflix and Andy Samberg: Your Weekly Digital World Recap

One Grande Latte to Go Please

Bringing two of everyone’s favourite things together, Starbucks released an app this week that allows customers to order and pay for their coffee online. For early risers, myself included, this is music to our ears. An avid enthusiast of everything tech and coffee related, this is a match made in heaven in my eyes. The change mirrors similar moves by other chains like Boost Juice, who earlier this year replaced their traditional plastic V.I.P card in favour of a Boost Juice app. Say goodbye to missing your morning coffee due to sleep-snoozing your alarm (guilty), train delays and fashion-related-tardiness; thanks to Starbucks you’ll never have to say no to your pre-work cup of joe.


Print is Alive & Well (for now)

Five years ago we would have told you print is all but dead. Alas, in more recent times an unforeseen plot twist has taken us all by surprise. The New York Times has reported that data released by the Association of American Publishers alludes that e-book sales have dropped by 10% in 2015. The news that print is alive and well comes as a welcomed surprise to writers. However, we can’t say for sure we believe this trend is on route to longevity.


Is EA Games Creating a Netflix for Games?

If you’re dating an avid gamer you might want to keep this rumour to yourself. Yes, the day has come when EA Games proposes their very own answer to a Netflix equivalent for games. Apparently. The rumour was first sparked as marketing company Chadwick Martin Bailey sent out a survey to PCGamesN, the form alluding to the possibility of an all you can play video subscription on PC. Interesting. Don’t go tampering with power points just yet though, this rumour is yet to be confirmed or denied.


Streaming for all Says Andy Samberg

Remember that time Oscars host and Brooklyn 99 star Andy Samberg gave out his HBO Now Login details whilst joking about the frequency of users sharing access to streaming services world-wide? Oops. For those of you who missed that earlier this week, this is how it went down: “Luckily for you, the CEO of HBO recently said he doesn’t think password sharing for their streaming services is a problem. So here’s my HBO Now login” the star joked. It has since been confirmed that the account was accessed by the public for a few minutes before the service reached user capacity. Oh Andy Samberg, what are we doing to do with you?

2/22/15 3:16:23 PM -- Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A  -- Joanna Newsom (L) and Andy Samberg arrive at the 87th annual Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre. --    Photo by Dan MacMedan, USA TODAY contract photographer  ORG XMIT:  DM 132487 2015 OSCARS 2/18/2015 (Via OlyDrop)
From Run of the Mill Viewer to Hard-core Binger 

Netflix released stats this week that gives creators and users alike, a glimpse into how long it took their favourite shows to turn run of the mill viewers to serious bingers. Among the figures revealed, Breaking Bad had fans hooked by episode two, Orange is the New Black took three, and fans of Mad Men surprisingly took six episodes before they blazed through season one like they thought they might not see tomorrow.


By Nicole Wilson

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