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Still Wondering Why Your Employees Aren’t Smiling? It’s Because You’re Not

It only takes a few steps from the front entrance of your business to your desk to realise the kind of day it’s going to be. If Bob from Finance is rampaging through the kitchen because there’s no forks left, and is taking it out wholeheartedly on those around him, it will only take a few minutes of his tantrum to have a genuine effect. The next thing you know, the fork debacle has turned into chaotic whirlwind of negativity, ending with Rose in HR wondering how she’s going to get through the rest of the day.

It doesn’t have to be that way for Rose, and it definitely didn’t need to be that way for Bob, either. Each and every employee in a workplace knows the boundaries that surround them. They’re well aware of how they should present themselves (or how they can get away with it) and will spend their workdays reflecting that point of acceptance. But when lines are drawn and a positive attitude is embellished into the core of a business, it can dramatically alter the way it works. Seriously.

Lesson number one: the only way to create positivity is to breed it

Not many people wake up in the morning feeling like they’ve got zero dramas to worry about, no financial strains to take care of, no stressful hurdles to overcome and no obligations at all. It’s simply a part of life that we’ve got responsibilities, and that’s tenfold when it comes to our careers. So what do we do about all those worries? We acknowledge that they exist, we accept that we need to face them somehow, and we commit to trying our best to put a smile on our face, no matter what.


No one ever feels like they’re 110% rocking for the day, every single day of their life. But when we step through that door and greet Berta at reception, it’s our responsibility as employees to ensure we’re giving those around us with the respect that they deserve by leaving our worries at home. Leaders of companies need to ensure they’re adopting this approach more than anybody else in the work environment. They’re the ones that have that “domino effect” on those around them. They’re the ones that have the contagious ability to plant smiles on faces throughout the day. So, as leaders, it’s important to have a few laughs (in good faith), recognise the wins of those in the team, and shine a positive light on things that may not be so positive.  

Lesson number two: the most important part of any company is the people in it

The world is not run by robots. At least not yet. So acknowledge that those in your business are contributing to its success with their unique personalities and skill sets. More importantly, do this also by maintaining a well-known scope of what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour in the workplace.

Moreover, your colleagues, leaders, juniors and superiors are all defining how the company is shifting and shaping itself and are doing so in real-time. Organisations like Google are prime examples of respecting each employee for being talented people that benefit the business. In actual fact, the company actually hires people that are dedicated to keeping employees happy, and in return, productive.

So, cherish the individual talents of those in your teams, nurture those who are determined and open to learn, open up new doors and close those that are having a negative impact.


It’s imperative to mimic the behaviour of other businesses out there that are doing it right. The best way to do this?

By getting up in the morning with a bright thought, walking out the door with a bit of a bounce, and ensuring we all are aware of how much of an important role everyone around us plays in ensuring success.

By Cassie McBlane

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