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What’s Inspiring WME?: Ray Milidoni

Once again we delve into the wonderful world of what is inspiring the WME team. Today we’ll be taking a look at what inspires everyone’s favourite general manager, Ray Milidoni. From learning your whys to everything Gary Vaynerchuk, today’s inspiration post combined with this morning’s glorious weather is guaranteed to shake your post-weekend blues.

Before we jump straight into it let’s first rewind to late last week when I sat down with the man who comes with his very own personalised hashtag (#WhereTheresAWillTheresARay), and quickly realised I would be hard pressed to fit all his inspirations in one post. As an avid enthusiast of WME’s new inspire concept from its very first post Ray, never hid his eagerness to take part. Already actively endeavouring to inspire colleagues on regular basis, surely no one within the WME team is terribly surprised. With that said you can rest assured that this post will undoubtedly have its very own prequel.


So whilst you sip on your second coffee of the day (third for some of us), the very first piece of material we’re going to look at speaks for its self and in my opinion, sets the mood for those that precede it.


As simplistic as this quote may seem it holds a lot of merit. Hearing someone talk about what they do and hearing someone talk about why they do what they do, are two very different things. When someone talks about why they do what they do it’s a conversation that is laced with passion and drive. A person that is passionate about what they do speaks expressively, and in a way that is often contagious.

This quote sets us up perfectly for our next topic, Simon Sinek’s Start With Why. Within the novel and Ted Talk of the same name, Sinek explains that this instruction is the driving force behind some of the world’s most successful individuals and businesses. Sinek’s makes a point of clarifying that Start With Why is not a concept that he thought up himself but rather an observation that he made and then codified for others to benefit from. So what is it about Sinek’s Start With Why that resonates so profoundly with people? In part perhaps it is the idea that such a simple question can change the way you approach both your professional and personal life. It’s kind of comforting to know that there’s a kind of formula to the elusive concept of success, no? And even for those who don’t buy it, you can’t argue it’s an alluring springboard for conversation at the very least. A must watch for anyone looking for direction, on the verge of an existential crisis or who is simply interested in innovative ideas.


Next we spoke about Jeff Olson’s The Slight Edge, without giving away any spoilers you can sum up the Olson’s message as little, progressive steps daily and the huge and often neglected effect they have on our ability to reach our goals. Like Sinek’s Start With Why, Olson’s message is one that can be adapted to both professional and personal life from relationships to career, finance to health. A good mantra will help you navigate your way through one factor of your life, a great mantra can be adapted to many.


Finally, we spoke about Gary Vaynerchuk, someone who Ray, has followed for a long time and who he says he is influenced by heavily. From his fresh out college days taking his family wine business from a $3M value to an impressive (understatement of the year) $60M, to founding VaynerMedia. Investing in some of world’s biggest companies from Twitter to Tumblr, Facebook to Uber, releasing several books and speaking on numerous stages – there is seemingly very little this man cannot do. Incredibly pro-active across lengthy list of digital platforms Vaynerchuk, is the epitome of how one can capitalise on a well-executed social media presence. From the early days of Wine Library TV to the more recent #AskGaryVee there are many lessons that can be learnt from the entrepreneur, investor, author, public speaker and internet personality, Gary Vaynerchuk. Ray, makes a point to of adding that Vaynerchuk’s books The Thank You Economy, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right-Hook and Crush It, are all shelf-worthy books that any aspiring entrepreneur should reserve shelf-space for in their home or office.







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