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How long does Search Engine Optimization take?
The time it takes to establish rankings is dependent on a few factors.
  1. How competitive the industry or keywords are
  2. Whether the site has been penalised previously
  3. Whether there has been any prior optimization performed
Do Google Maps results count toward my SEO rankings?
Yes. An optimised Google Maps listing is a very important part of an SEO campaign. As maps listings are a part of the organic results listed on page one, they are a very effective way of pulling people through to your site and building page one rankings. As part of your SEO campaign, we optimise both organic search results and your Google Maps results to bring you the most traffic possible.
Should I invest in SEO or PPC?
It depends on your business. Many clients choose to support a growing SEO campaign with a small PPC spend, allowing them to buy traffic while their organic rankings grow. The choice to invest in SEO or PPC also depends on your industry, business model, and level of competition. Generally search engine optimization is a long term, lower cost strategy, while PPC is a more immediate, higher cost strategy.
Why do my rankings fluctuate?
Search engines constantly update their algorithm to fight poor quality and over-optimised sites. They are constantly testing these adjustments, establishing whether searchers engage more with these updated selections of websites. An effective search engine optimization campaign will answer to these fluctuations, safe-guarding your site from penalties and dramatic ranking drops.
How will a Google Update affect my business and website?
When an update is rolled out, sites that do not adhere to the new adjustment are penalised. Low quality links leading to your site and pages with over-optimised content are two common mistakes that can see a site penalised by Google. Penalties work against your site and its ability to rank.
How long does it take to get indexed by Google?
In the past, businesses had to submit their site to search engines or wait until Google organically found them. Now, we have many ways to ensure Google notices you more quickly. If you haven’t been indexed at all, WME can help.
What are inbound links? Are they important?
Inbound links are links from other sites to your website. Quality inbound links are very important in establishing authority for your site. Imagine it this way – the more positive hype on the internet relating to your business and linking back to it, the more relevant your site becomes in the eyes of search engine bots.


What is SEO?
SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’ and is the process of making a website appear higher on the organic search engine results page. Basically, it means making your website more visible than the competition.
How do the search engines rank my site?
Search engines use equations called algorithms to determine which sites are most relevant to the search. The algorithm takes into account several complex factors when establishing positions. Two primary factors are the quality of other websites that are linking back to your website and the topic the search engine believes the page is about, based on the content.
How long does SEO last?
A lot of people talk about SEO as if it ends. SEO is ongoing, it is not a one-off project. If you are sitting in the 6th position for a popular search term, that’s great. However, there are hundreds of sites above and below you who want to push you down the ladder. An SEO campaign works to constantly monitor and maintain rankings, responding to fluctuations.
Why don’t my rankings match what my SEO reports tell me?
Every search is personalised. You and your neighbour may see different results to one another, even though you are searching from a similar location. Ultimately, you will never see the exact same results as another searcher. Search engines do their best to give you results that match what you are looking for, and they take into account your search history to contextualise your query.
Why are my rankings different on my mobile compared to my home computer?
As mentioned above, your search history impacts which results you are shown. You don’t have the same search history on your desktop at work as you do on your iPhone, and therefore the results will be different.
What is the difference between SEO and PPC?
SEO is a service which aims to build authority and propel your site in organic search listings. Pay-per-click is an advertising product which places your site at the very top of the results page, in the paid results section, at a set cost per click.


Do I need SEO?
SEO will ensure more traffic is reaching your website, growing your brand exposure and driving increased enquiries and sales. If you’re a business trading online, you should definitely be considering an SEO campaign.
How much will SEO cost?
SEO packages vary in cost depending on the competitiveness of your industry and the amount of work that is required to get your site on the first page. Local, state-wide, national and global campaigns also vary in complexity and price.
Why is SEO worth the investment?
By increasing traffic through to your site, you are setting your business up to receive more enquiries, sales and profit. An effective SEO campaign will constantly work to increase your revenue, outweighing the outlay of the service.
Why should I outsource my SEO rather than attempting it myself?
WME has existed in the SEO sector for over eight years. With a team of advanced tech specialists driving our campaigns, we know how to achieve solid, sustainable results for our clients. Completing SEO in house without the necessary expertise can be a tedious game of trial and error which can often do more damage to your site than good.
How long will I need to continue my SEO efforts for?
Unfortunately, there is no standard answer to this question. If you’ve selected key phrases with lower competition and successfully built a solid SEO campaign, you may rank well for an extended period of time. On the other hand, if your site exists within a competitive industry or niche market, ongoing and sustained SEO is going to be required for however long you need to dominate that niche.
How do I decide who to hire for SEO?
Trust an agency that can make a guarantee against the services they are going to carry out. By hiring a trusted agency with a proven ability to do the job, you will be able to assess the cost of services against the agreed results. WME is one of the only marketing agencies with the resources or expertise to confidently offer customers a 90 day guarantee on SEO services. We’ll place an agreed selection of key phrases on page one within 90 days, or you stop paying until we do.
I’ve tried SEO before and it wasn’t effective. What does WME offer that is different?
If you have previously paid an inexperienced provider for an ineffective SEO service, it’s understandable that you have a tarnished appreciation of how effective SEO can be. Most SEO companies are doing their best to understand the hundreds, maybe thousands of signals search engines use to rank sites. WME employs a team of experienced tech strategists who are constantly researching imminent algorithm updates and updating our services to fit best practice. With over 300 employees globally who are dedicated to helping clients establish online success, we have the resources and experience to deliver on agreed results. Unlike other providers, we offer a guarantee against the SEO services that we provide.
Does WME offer any services other than SEO?
We talk a lot about search engine optimisation because we believe it’s instrumental in building and sustaining online success for your business. However, WME offers a full suite of digital services which can benefit your business in various ways. These include pay-per-click advertising management, social media advertising, conversion optimisation, website design and development, and creative copywriting. Feel free to contact us today for more information on our comprehensive digital service offering.
What is the single most important thing I should know about WME?
We have a higher winning percentage than competitors in our industry. We’re confident in the service we provide, and are genuinely really good at what we do. Ask our clients or view our successes.

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