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Get Your Idea Online in 2017

Another year is done and dusted. Did you get your amazing business idea off the ground? If so, congrats! If not, there’s always 2017! Starting a business is no easy feat and will present you with many challenges, but it’s certainly not impossible and can actually be really fun if you do something you enjoy. So where to start? First things first: the idea!


What’s your business angle?

Maybe you’re working in an archaic industry that is ripe for disruption, or maybe you know you can design better clothes than your annoying sister-in-law who is making a killing on Instagram – ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere. The internet is filled with success stories of people who had an idea and ran with it. What is the first thing you need after coming up with an idea? A name!

Making a name for yourself

Okay, so you’ve got your great business idea: you’re going to install smart devices into people’s homes. Lights you can control with your phone, thumb print door locks, voice controlled AI assistants etc. How cool! Time to come up with a name for your business. How about: “Jarvis Home”, named after Tony Stark’s iconic personal AI assistant? Next comes the really important part: getting your domain name!

Securing your domain

If you can’t secure your domain you may need to come up with another business idea. Let’s check if www.jarvishome.com is available. Oh no! Someone is squatting on it and they are trying to sell it for $19,395! That’s a lot of money to invest in a domain, dang it. But wait. You only wanted to provide the service around Melbourne, right? You don’t need a dot com. How about seeing if a dot Melbourne is available?



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Avoid ugly trademark disputes

Success! You’ve got yourself a domain. One last thing to check: trademark status. Nothing is worse than building a business and then discovering you are treading in the murky waters of a trademark dispute. Fortunately, IP Australia has a handy search feature to make things easy: https://www.ipaustralia.gov.au/.

Cool, no one has registered “Jarvis Home” as a trademark. Time to get that term trademarked and that domain locked down.

Secure your social presence and pathways of expansion

Protecting your brand online doesn’t stop there; next up is securing your Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter profile and Google+ page. In fact, you should also consider the other domains that you can register. Maybe you want to expand into Sydney in a couple of years when your business takes off? Better get that www.jarvishome.sydney domain before someone else snatches it up! How about commercial properties? Register www.jarvisoffice.melbourne.

If you already have a business, protecting your brand online should be a high priority. Don’t just think about what you are doing now; think about what you will be doing in five years. Who knows, you might find your expansion squashed by someone who registered the domain first.

*Domain and trademark not registered at time of publication

By Vincent Corneille

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