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Make Your Business Bloom This Valentine’s Day

Today marks the annual celebration of love: a holiday relished by the smitten and resented by singletons.

While Valentine’s Day is a concept we normally reserve for our personal lives, the intricacies of business can often feel a lot like the dating world. After all, if you’re not successfully capturing your customers’ hearts, it can be easy to feel lonely and rejected, left to wallow in your sorrows wondering why you can’t attract the kind of attention [insert business rival] seems to bask in.

Before you go feeling sorry for yourself, take a moment to consider that much of your charm as a business often comes down to the way you market yourself. Essentially, it’s about positioning your products and/or services as a desirable asset that can change the lives of your consumers for the better.

But how do you achieve this? Well, we’ve put together a marketing plan you can adopt to wholeheartedly win customers over:

1. Get them to notice you with a beautifully designed, SEO-friendly website


Standing out amongst all that fierce competition is undoubtedly a challenging task. Research shows that users rarely delve any deeper than page one of Google’s search results, which means the higher you rank, the more likely you are to get noticed by potential admirers. This is where SEO is imperative. SEO – search engine optimisation – is all about implementing strategic tactics that Google loves. We’re talking things like optimising your website for mobile devices, using relevant keywords your target audience is searching, and providing unique, well-written content. This is all in conjunction with an attractive, clean website design that positively oozes user-friendliness. After all, first impressions count – if your site isn’t appealing to the eye, is too slow to load, or is difficult to navigate, your users will quickly bounce in search of a much more palatable suitor.

2. Show them you can cater to their needs with high-value content

Getting consumers to notice you is one thing, but proving that you really are their perfect match is another. This is where the content of your website becomes critical. Sloppy, poorly-versed content that doesn’t enrich the user’s experience will quickly land you in the rejection pile. While you certainly need to communicate that you’re a step above the rest when it comes to your industry, it’s equally important to consider how you can provide value to your user. Establish a quality blog on topics your readers will be interested in; publish how-to videos and guides; and prove your worth by adding a dash of client testimonials. Customers place a lot of priority on your history, so show that you’ve managed to build and sustain stable relationships in the past.

3. Keep hovering on their radar with Google Remarketing

Users aren’t always going to be swayed on the first click. Often, they’ll redirect to other websites to scope out their other available options. Don’t let this deter you; instead, use it your advantage. Google Remarketing is a great way to keep in touch with users who have visited your site, but haven’t yet committed. Here, you can subtly let them know that they’re still playing on your mind, and if they give you the chance, you’re certain you can prove your worth to them.

4. Build upon your relationship with a solid social media strategy

If you’ve managed to clinch that ultimate conversion from visitor to customer, congrats – you’ve succeeded in wooing over a new patron of your services. But just as it’s important to keep your partner interested beyond that titillating honeymoon phase, you need to find ways to maintain your new customer’s attention. Much of this comes down to your presence on social media. This is where you can open up to your customer and show off your vivacious personality, making them fall all the more in love with you. Post cute, behind-the-scenes photos of your team; show off your savvy senses by discussing industry trends; and always respond to what your customers have to say – the good, the bad and the ugly. By interacting with your users and giving them a glimpse into the real you, you can curate the foundations for a strong and ever-lasting customer relationship. By tuning into your consumers’ needs, you can swiftly demonstrate that you’re the whole package.

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a string of new suitors following your business. With a little bit of effort poured into polishing up your sense of marketing allure, you can successfully win over your customers and prove to them that you’re truly worth their time of day.


By Trish O'Loughlin

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