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New Year, Old Strategy?

If you’re applying the same budget and digital strategies as you did last year, think again.


Digital is Change

Not investing in social media, content or mobile? Your competitors are no longer down the road in the internet age. Choosing to ignore these avenues will cause you to lag behind. It is to be expected that businesses compete within the online space not merely regarding online advertising as channels, but more as of an ecosystem in which you must partake in order to succeed.

With 2015 in full effect, this is the year of integration, mobile and extreme targeting. It’s our fault; we’ve demanded more simplicity, yet more customisation as consumers. We want everything faster and easier but as a result, you as a business will have become overburdened with choices, in regards to the development of your marketing strategy this year.

Online Channels Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Mastering each individual channel has it’s own challenges, as they themselves change on an ongoing basis, which is being overcome by the need to create a common brand experience. The expectation is that brands can be accessed across apps and all devices as cross-platform behaviour now demands that we all need a stronger online presence. A conscious effort is required to bring your channels together and deliver an influential experience to potential buyers, wherever they are in their purchasing cycle. Delivering the same message as your content, advertising tactics and core brand image is key.

Attribution Modelling

According to online giant Google, 83% of users does not leave home without their smartphone. Australia, this year, has a predicted 78% smartphone penetration, as mobile users are expected to dominate online traffic up to 50%. Digital marketers in 2015 will be looking for better insights in the path to purchasing, and how other channels are assisting the final conversion. True value will be delivered to those who can gather relevant insights via attribution modelling, which allows marketers to place values based on channels that assist in converting online prospects, both on and offline. Relying solely on channels that provide the final conversion (such as paid search) is a given and businesses should be looking to go beyond dependency on one channel.

Ubiquitousness Of Mobile

As usual, mobile usage amongst consumers is growing exponentially. What is interesting is that B2B marketing will see their audiences cross over to the “mobile-first” category for the first time in 2015, where desktop devices have long dominated the space. According to B2B expert, Russell Glass of LinkedIn, greater than 50% of businesses marketing content will be consumed on mobile devices, including tablets. Being available on all devices is now critical.


With privacy becoming a large concern within our society, taking our data-driven advertising to the next level becomes challenging. With only 10% of online visitors finding what they are looking for when interacting with online content (according to CEO of GetApp, Christophe Primault),  we’ve never needed better customised marketing content. This is the year of hyper-segmentation whereby marketers can already utilise the data at hand to serve segments they want to grow through implementing targeted messages in the right places. Business owners should be tracking demographics, at the least, to drive better efficiency in their marketing budgets and to further relate to their consumers.

Taking these changes into your marketing plans can result in more effective decision making for businesses, thus allowing organisations to save money and drive results in the future.

Written by Mark McDowell — Performance Media Specialist at WME.



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