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AdWords Not Working? Boost Your Message with Add-Ons and Extensions

These days, AdWords is about much more than the copy. Sure, you may have written some compelling marketing content that you’re sure will work but, if you don’t set up the ad properly, you’ll find it difficult to get the clicks you need.

The good news is, Google provides a whole heap of extensions and add-ons that can take your ad from plain to captivating with the click of a button. Rather than the traditional headline-copy call to action format that we’re all used to, you’re able to boost your ad with some extra features that could improve your click through rate.

Here, we run you through some of the more common extensions, so you can pick and choose the perfect ones for your business – and can leverage those clicks! Each extension allows you to fulfil some precise business goals.


Want customers to call you right away?

If you’re a service-based business, the click-to-call phone extension could be your most valuable add-on. Put simply, this service shows a clickable phone number at the bottom of your ad, prompting customers to call you right from the search results page itself.

This could be incredibly useful if you’d prefer to speak to customers one-on-one to help them make a decision. You can even set the time this extension displays –if you know you won’t be in the office in the evening, set the extension to be hidden from 5pm onwards.

When using the call extension, you won’t even have to worry about designing a website landing page as customers will convert on the search engine page itself.

Because of this, you may see a drop in your website traffic but keep in mind that this is expected. Instead of looking at the traffic metrics, count the number of people who have clicked on your phone number. This will give you a much clearer indication of whether your ad worked.


Want to boost traffic at certain times?

Then an offer extension is ideal for you. Maybe you have a deal surrounding the end of financial year sales, or you want to draw attention to your Christmas discounts. Either way, including a prominent offer extension will help users see exactly what you have to offer them, making it even easier for them to make the decision to shop with you.

Want to help customers find you better?

A location extension is your best bet for attracting people in the local area. With a simple map image, browsers will be able to pinpoint your location in relation to themselves, and work out how close you are. If you’re in their local area, they’re much more likely to convert as you’ll be seen as a valuable business.

Make it even easier for customers to convert with simple-to-use ad extensions that put your best features forward. Highlight your business’s benefits and make it even more likely they’ll complete the sale.

By Stefanie Kir

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