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Optimise Your Landing Page to Cut Your AdWords Costs

The benefits of an AdWords campaign are widely known. Not only are they flexible and scalable, but they’re measurable right down to the finest detail. However, if you’re seeing your AdWords costs creep up with little return, perhaps it’s time to take a look at your AdWords landing page.

Google is a harsh judge. If your Google AdWords landing page offers a poor user experience, the search engine will give it a low Quality Score, which means that your ads won’t show up as often (if at all), they’ll appear lower down on search engine results pages, and they’ll cost you more per click. It’s not good news.

To lower your AdWords costs, and to really convince your customers to convert, you need an optimised landing page that encourages them to take action. Google evaluates landing pages pretty regularly, so it’s always a good time to give yours a refresh. You could start to see better results within weeks, or even days. Here are a few tips to get you started.


Be relevant

It may sound obvious, but the content on your landing page must directly relate to the text and keywords in your ad. Your page has to promote ease of navigation for your potential customers – they have to be able to find what they want (and what your ad is offering) fast.

No matter what type of business you run, a tightly-matched landing page and AdWords campaign will work to greatly improve your results and lead to greater conversion rates. Try using the same headings and sub-headings and expand your ad copy on your landing page. You’ll get a big tick from Google, and customers will like it too.

Be trustworthy

Visitors to your website need to trust you in order to choose you, so be upfront about why you need their contact details and what you’ll be doing with them.

Tell them what makes you better than the rest

These days, it’s rare for a customer to make a decision on a purchase after they’ve browsed one website. Customers like to shop around for what they think is the best deal. This means that, unfortunately, your website isn’t the only one they’ll be looking at. So make sure to clearly differentiate yourself from the rest. A good way to do this is to place your differentiators in the heading or sub-heading. This way, customers can glean the info from a quick scan and can make a mental note of why they should come back to your page.


Make your call to action loud and clear

You need to spell out for your customers what you want them to do next. If you don’t tell them, it’s highly likely they’ll leave. Place your CTA button in a place where it’ll get seen (above the fold is best), and use simple verbs to propel your prospective customers to take action. Think “test”, “buy”, “try” or “get yours”. In fact, research has shown that changing the text of your CTA could increase your conversions by as much as 161%

You don’t have to cut your campaign to lower your AdWords costs. All it takes is some close analysis of your landing page and you’re well on your way to more conversions.

If you’re looking for a tightly-matched AdWords campaign and landing page, call WME today on 1300 663 995. And if you sign up today, we’ll set up your optimised landing page for free.


By Cassie Chorn

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