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Why Video is the Coolest Kid on the SEO Block

With a desire to rank first for keyword phrases most relevant to their products and services, since the dawn of SEO, companies have expanded the ways in which they deliver high quality content to the masses in a bid to boost the visibility of their site in search engines.

However, one of the most underutilised forms of content is video. While it isn’t the highest priority when it comes to meeting SEO ranking factors, it is undeniable that video content is on the rise. It is fast becoming the most consumed form of digital media and, if you haven’t yet considered video for your marketing strategy, you are falling far behind.

Certainly, in the world of social media, we are starting to see the value of video content, especially when it comes to engagement and even conversion. When used correctly, video content can become a highly valuable part of any SEO strategy and provide significant value to your business overall.

So, here are the reasons why you should be creating video content as part of your SEO strategy.


  1. Time Spent on Site

Videos are inherently engaging in nature. For that reason, it is only natural that visitors who stumble across your videos will spend more time on your site. This is a massive signal to search engines that your site contains valuable content, which, in turn, positively affects your ranking.

Think about it, Google wouldn’t have purchased YouTube if they didn’t believe in the power of video content. Moreover, due the acquisition of the video search giant, video content will significantly increase your stance within the Google search engine. The longer a user watches a video on your site, the more it increases your site’s signal within the search engine platform. This gives you a better chance to land that page one position through building trust in the quality of your site.

Ensure that any videos you are embedding within your site are optimised on YouTube for SEO. This can be done by writing interesting titles and adding links of any products or services mentioned in the video back to your site. You need to feed your customers a clear line of direction (or CTA) for the next step to take, or suggest more interactive videos to encourage further action.

  1. Mobile Users Love Video Content


Here’s the thing: consumers are running out of time to consume. The hustle and bustle of everyday life only gives audiences a small percentage of time to engage with new brands, so the window is seemingly closing for you to make an impression on your ideal customer. For that reason, video content remains one of the greatest ways for a brand to engage with their target audience. This is because information in video content is easy to consume as the user carries on with their daily routine.

Videos capture a wide audience and take out the ‘laboriousness’ of trawling your site for the information they’re after. With the growing use of mobile phones as the preferred medium to discover information, it is necessary to ensure that your video performs on mobile.

Research shows that the results gathered from mobile-friendly videos are positively received by mobile users, even more so than that of PC users:

  • 79% of consumers prefer to watch video to learn about a product above reading text on a page, and
  • 84% of consumers have completed a purchase after watching a brand’s video.

Mobile appeals to the user’s needs to consume information quickly, which only boosts the necessity for your business to incorporate video on your site.

More than that, Google themselves have told us that consumers on mobile devices are more likely to form and feel a personal connection with a brand through video. Mobile optimisation is one of the major factors in determining rank, which is why it’s so important to your SEO rankings that your videos are fully-functional on mobile.

  1. “Trust Us, We Have Video Content”

One of the major draw-cards for video content is the ability to build trust, which is the very basis for any content marketing strategy. This trust also inspires conversions and sales. Building long-lasting relationships with your audience demonstrates to search engines that your business is one they too can trust to answer the common queries of your industry.

Rather than incessantly pushing for people to buy your products, with video you can provide useful information to allow prospective clients to make an informed purchase. Video content promotes your brand in a more natural and engaging way. The more clicks you receive, the greater the chance your site has to reach page one, and the greater chance you have to reach that all-important conversion.

  1. The Social Link

As social media continues to grow and adapt to the new trends of its users, it seems as though video content is becoming the favoured medium to convey information. For that reason, a lot of updated features are being rolled out across social channels in an attempt to foster video content. Brands are heavily encouraged to convey information via video, with major social networks like Facebook and Instagram growing their video capabilities.

If you are able to form an emotional bond with your audience through video, they are more likely to share your video content through their own social pipes, which not only increases the audience you reach but increases your credibility to potential consumers and search engines.

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Make the information on your site easier to consume and boost your rankings at the same time with killer video content but be sure to optimise it to convert and boost your business. Search engines, like Google, are only going to keep fostering video content as it gets further and further ahead in the race for preferred information gathering medium. Harness the power of video in your content marketing strategy now and see firsthand why video is the coolest kid on the SEO block!

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