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How Blogging, Your Business, and You Work Together

There is a blog for nearly everything these days. From how to knit your winter scarf to the mysteries of our consciousness, it is all there in the digital world – being consumed by digital beings.

The internet itself is an unparalleled medium in its overall use. It has opened a gateway to people everywhere to communicate their thoughts, ideas, passions and of course, businesses. Like never before, companies are now able to gain access to audiences that were once never thought possible. But in a world that is filled with roughly 173 million blogs, what’s the point of adding yours in the mix?

More than just a passionate opinion piece

Just as technology advances faster than we can keep track of, so too does the way in which we are using it. Since its inception in 1994, the humble blog has gone onto bigger and better things. While it once, and still is, a great platform for the passionate writer to share their thoughts and ideas, the blog has now transformed into a highly consumed and profitable media that can educate, inform and assist with a business’s objectives.

Blogging has moved from a personalised form of media to one that has grown and utilised by commercial companies and businesses, giving a fresh insight into the different avenues of their industry and providing beneficial information about specific products and practices. It achieves more than simple information too, it enables a business to establish a voice, a sense of identity; something that is so very essential in such a competitive world.

Of course, gaining the benefits that a blog can provide for a company is no easy feat. More than just eloquent writing, a truly successful blog requires skill, research, the right tone and a little pizazz to ensure it not only reaches their audience, but engages them and encourages them to share it around.

To start blogging, like anything, you first need to understand the ins and outs. It is a form of online journaling, updated at the user’s leisure with current news topics, industry specific advancements or information, opinion, special hobbies or facts. However, let’s look a little closer.



It is highly unlikely to find a business that doesn’t want more views on their site. The whole point of opening your business up to the digital realm is to become more accessible in a world that is constantly on smart devices. Every website has the typical pages that any visitor would be used to seeing: about page, product pages and information, and a contact page.  These pages are often untouched by the business on a regular basis – meaning that they more often than not just sit in the big expanse of other likewise business pages.

Blogging combats the stale nature of webpages, adding a new, clickable page with information that links back to their business and products. By opening up your business and connecting yourself to trending topics or in-depth industry discussion, you can open yourself up to a wider audience and gain more movement around your webpage.


Blogging plays directly into your search engine optimisation. As pointed out previously, your businesses webpage does not change regularly, and therefore often remaining at a particular SEO ranking for a while. Well, Google and other search engines thrive off of variety. Blogging does just that for your website, allowing you to add relevant extensions to your webpage, boosting your online presence, and playing directly into the way your page ranks compared to others.


Now if you want to be a game-changing blogger in your industry, then you need to add to, and be on top of, your industry conversation. There are additions being made throughout different business avenues daily, from new products to exciting news and an endless stream of confusion from customers everywhere on what is best for them, or why should use the product in the first place.

Some of the best blogs thrive as they are adding to and creating their own topics into the discussion. The best place to start is by answering commonly asked questions in a succinct, easy to read way. By creating helpful and interesting content about untouched conversations from an industry perspective, you add a sense of authority that may have not been yet tapped into yet.

Put yourself in the position of the reader, and explore the different avenues of your industry through creative, engaging and informative blog topics and techniques. Then, simply add your page where and when it is relevant. By intertwining yourself with your blogs through hyperlinks, social media pages and the like, you will therefore increase the amount of people visiting your webpage and heighten your SEO rank.

See, it all intertwines.


By driving traffic through varying content and by adding an authoritative voice, you can easily drive product and service sales. Any company that wants to position themselves as industry leader needs to create accessible and attention-grabbing content that directly links back to their services and products in a natural a seamless way. You can use your blog to add to trending conversation within the industry, but it will mean nothing if you don’t show the ways that you back up your claims. If you use your blog the right way, you will add value to your company, and confidence in the products you offer through supplying the all-important ‘authoritative voice’ we spoke about above. Whether you add links within the blog to drive them to a specific product spoken about, or include a call to action at the end, if it is well written you can gain the sale (or at least plant yourself in the minds of audiences as a significant business for that particular product or service).


Even if you are blog number 173,000,001, a blog is highly beneficial towards the way you operate as a business. It can greatly benefit your company, by heightening interest in your products and services through engaging and informative content. By blogging regularly and adding your authoritative voice to the discussion, you can tap into a world of people who would greatly benefit from what you have to offer. Not only that, but it will optimise your page’s SEO ranking, changing the way you deliver your products and information, whilst acting as an aid to your stale and stagnant website. By harnessing your creative juices into an accessible platform, you can unlock a new form of adding to your industry like never before.



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