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Spice Up Your Brand’s Social (Media) Life

At a recent WME industry night we discussed the fundamental elements of any great social media strategy. It’s no longer a matter of whether or not businesses do social media, it’s how well they do it. Outlined below are some of the topics we touched on throughout the night, particularly the elements that are paramount to standing out within such a competitive online space.


The first point in deciding which social platforms are right for your business, is establishing who your audience is and where they’re hanging out. There’s no point committing to five different platforms if your audience is only “hanging out” on one. This is ultimately going to be wasted time and resources for your company when you could be focusing your efforts where they will be received best.


Once you have identified your audience, their goals and aspirations, where they hang out online and when and how they’re doing it, the next step is to harness this information and use it to your advantage. You’re selling customers the dream, the end goal; the product or service you offer simply acts as the vessel that gets them there.  Whether you sell clothes, party supplies or a necessity, like heating and cooling or home security, we challenge you to ask yourself ‘what am I helping consumers achieve?’ The perfect first date outfit, a night to remember, a safe and warm home for loved ones. Once you identify the wealth of scenarios at your disposal, you’ll know how to position yourself as the best candidate to help your target market achieve these goals.



In order to communicate this dream to your audience, you need to establish the best ‘brand voice’ for your business. Who will your audience best connect with? Who will they trust? Asking these questions will help to create the ideal identity to communicate with your target market, which is important when encouraging people to relate and identify with your brand. Your brand should have a unique voice tailored specifically to their audience. Does your audience respond well to humour, or are they in need of an authoritative, industry expert who they can trust for industry relevant information? Is your brand young and fun or old and wise? You want to be someone your audience would want to hang out with and trust, their ideal friend, partner or advisor. A lot of businesses decide to construct a document that clearly outlines and defines their brand voice strategy, which they can have on hand to ensure their voice stays consistent throughout all of their marketing.


A problem with companies thinking they need to be everywhere is that they don’t see the individual use of each platform. This can lead to businesses using social media as another place to post advertisements and hard sell their products or services. On social media, you need to create a sense of balance in the content that you post. The 70/30 rule is a good starting point for this. 70% should be information, posts and links that your audience will find useful or relate to, leaving 30% directly relating to your product or service offering. Why is this? If your audience was already sold on partnering with your business, they would go straight to your website or physical store. Social media provides a priceless opportunity for businesses to stand out from competitors bombarding consumers with sales material and deliver content designed to engage and nurture. By extension, projecting your business as the more desirable choice.



Creating this balance will allow you to nurture your audience and establish a community on these social platforms who will ultimately become your best, most loyal customers. You will be front of mind for these people and, although they might not purchase straight away, they will eventually convert into sales. People will check up your on social media platforms in most cases before purchasing, and if you establish a good relationship with communities on social media you will encourage them to become loyal customers.

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By Ellie McDonald

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