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The Digital News you Missed Over Grand Final Weekend

Though some of us were enjoying a few beers in the sun over grand final weekend, the digital and tech worlds continued to turn. There were advancements, freebies, robots and one mix-up that proved even the best of us have our off days. Let’s jump into it.

Episodes of your Favourite Shows for Free

To bring in the much anticipated fall season, iTunes has teamed up with the five major networks and cable channels to offer fans the opportunity to download the latest episodes of numerous returning and new programs. Before you start planning the next few nights of TV binging, it’s only fair we’re forthcoming about the fact this offering will be exclusive to the U.S, at least for now. Fan favourites like American Horror Story are included in the mix as well as the highly-anticipated new series, Fargo. For diehard fans the impulse to book a seat on the next flight to America is way too tempting. Oh Apple, why do you tease us so?


Self-Driving Taxis are coming to Japan

To those who thought Uber was setting new transport standards, be prepared to be amazed. According to the Wall Street Journal, Japan is about to trial self-driving robot taxis in the Kanagawa prefecture near Tokyo. During this trial the taxis will be tasked with driving two passengers at a time on two mile journeys with a human driver on hand in case of any mishap. Robot Taxi’s goal is to have self-driving taxis launched to the public by 2020 with whispers Uber has simpler plans in the works too. What an unexpected game-changer for the hugely successful lift-sharing service, Uber.

Relief for the Clumsier Amongst us

Waterproof rumours have been circulating since the iPhone 6S was released and we’re glad to report that this rumour has since been confirmed. Videos of the iPhone 6S surviving extended periods of time submerged in water have surfaced over the last couple of days. After many questions were raised amongst users, the legitimacy of the videos was finally confirmed. Apple stresses, however, that water-resistant is a more fitting description and urges users to resist submerging their $650+ smartphones into water to ‘see what happens’. We applaud the Apple team for pioneering the much sought after feature that will have the clumsier amongst us breathing a deep sigh of relief.


Google Blunder Leads to Minute-Long Reign for Former Employee

The Google domain was recently bought by a former employee for $12 in what has now been dubbed an ‘error’. Oops. Sammy Ved, a former Google employee, stumbled across the bargain whilst browsing for domain names. Unable to turn down such a steal, Ved snapped up the domain and enjoyed a short-lived reign as the supreme ruler of Google for one, albeit blissful, minute. “I clicked the ‘add to cart’ icon beside the domain, which would not appear if the domain is not available for sale…” he explained in a post to LinkedIn. Adding, “The domain actually got added to my cart as seen by the green check-box, and appeared in my cart.” Vad also claims that during his short but eventful reign he received messages from the site’s webmaster and notifications from numerous other Google-owned sites before his access was revoked. Vad then alerted Google’s security and the company quickly came clean about the mix-up. We guess everyone has bad days from time to time.


So, for a long weekend that left some of us feeling it was over all too quickly, experts within the tech and digital arenas respectfully continue to show us what amazing things can be achieved in such short amount of time.


By Nicole Wilson

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