Our team of designers and web developers revel in creating stunning, user-friendly digital platforms that engage your audience. We’ll help you make your brand stand out by establishing a striking digital presence.


We can produce e-commerce interfaces that drive sales,
brochure and lead generation sites that will maximise conversion,
and mobile responsive platforms that will
simplify the user experience.

We know the value
of results

The measure of a site’s design success cannot be made on aesthetic value alone. There’s an irrefutable link between a functionally designed website and its ability to drive results for a business. We create digital interfaces that foster commercial success. We take the time to understand your marketing objectives and create a flawless user experience that generates increased conversions, more sales, and growth for your brand.

We don’t have time
for stock-standard
web templates

We won’t insult you with run-of-the-mill web templates. Your website needs to be as individual as your brand. WME offer inspired design services that play to the strengths of your business. We’ll tailor your digital presence to reflect your brand strategy.

You’ll always have
Access to your site

We know it’s important that you have the capacity to change your site as your business grows. Once your site is setup, our streamlined content management system will allow you to add and remove content at your own will. This will make it easy for you to maintain and alter your site without having to consult us.

We also offer brand strategy and logo design

WME serves over 2000 clients and are committed to providing a customised design service that accurately reflects each brand. If you’re a start-up who is having difficulty establishing where you sit with branding,
we also offer logo design services.


Will my new site work on phones and iPads?
Yes – if you have selected a responsive website option on our site, we will adapt to each device it is viewed from. We produce sites both with and without responsive features, as well as standalone mobile sites. Contact our sales team today and we can discuss how this option may benefit your business.
Why does my website need to be responsive?
So that it provides mobile users a visually optimised version. This allows mobile users to interact with your website easier because the design automatically adjusts to be a user-friendly mobile experience
Will my website look the same on all computers?
There may be slight variations depending on each user’s browser screen resolution and their individual settings. During our development and testing process, we check your site on a variety of different updated browsers with different settings. However, we do not support some old and outdated browsers.
What is web hosting?
Your site isn’t just in thin air – it has to be saved and made available 24/7. This is known as hosting. A host is the remote computer (usually a sophisticated data centre) connected through the internet, on which your site is actually stored. Hosting is charged at a packaged fee, usually monthly or yearly. This cost covers the infrastructure (computers, servers, wiring and more). We can help you arrange affordable hosting. Of course, we recommend our own service first!
I don’t have time to write all the wording for my site. Can you do it for me?
Content and copy are not included as standard. However, our talented in-house team of content writers and copywriters will be more than happy to prepare a quote to meet your needs. You’ll love having polished, professional text on your site – and so will your users!
Will my site be SEO friendly?
Yes, absolutely. The structure of your site will be setup to allow for additional SEO work to be carried out, if you require.
What is a domain name?
It’s the URL – the address of your site. You have control over what appears between the www and the .com (or .com.au, or .org, etc.). However, you should choose wisely as it cannot be edited once set – to make a change, you would need to get a new domain name and transfer your site over.
What should my domain name be?
Your domain name should accurately represent your organisation. It should also be short, simple, and easy for people to remember. Many just use their business name. Some use the name of their main product or service. Some include their location in their URL. There may be SEO aspects to consider – please ask your account manager or project manager for assistance if needed.
Can you redesign my business logo?
Yes, we can. This is a separate service, but once it’s done, you can use your logo on everything from your new website to your letterhead and business cards!
How do I start the quote, design and development process?
It all starts with a phone or Skype discussion regarding your organisation’s needs, goals and budget. This will give you plenty of opportunity to ask questions and find out how our services can benefit you. If you aren’t sure what you need for your business, we can help you work it out by looking closely at the way you operate and by assessing your objectives.
Can you make a custom online store?
Yes. Our online stores (a.k.a. e-commerce sites) look stunning, work beautifully, and make your customers’ shopping experience an absolute dream! You’ll get to work with our talented (and modest) designers to create a unique online store experience from scratch. You can even have your site reflect the aesthetics and style of your brick and mortar shop.
What is WordPress?
WordPress is a CMS that is open source, meaning it’s free for anyone to use, copy and manipulate for their own purposes. It is simple and easy to maintain or update, making it popular for those who don’t have advanced technical skills. It can be used to run simple and elegant websites, or complex, high-powered sites.
What is a CMS?
CMS stands for content management system. The CMS allows you to update the text and pictures on your site, or add new products if you have a store.
What are the benefits of working with a CMS like WordPress?
Back in the day, companies would have to pay a web team every time they wanted to make a small adjustment to the appearance of their site. These little fees would add up to a significant amount over time. With a CMS like WordPress, any user can now update the text on their site, add pages and more, just as easily as they’d update a social media profile.
Can you train me in using the CMS?
Yes – training is included. You will receive half an hour of training on how to operate your CMS of choice. If you would like more training, or if you would like a consultant to come in and teach your staff, help is available through WME Consulting.
Why can’t I control the design from the CMS?
The content management system (CMS) allows you to only update the site content (page text and images). Changing the design requires website developers who craft the website's templates with CSS & HTML.
Should I update my WordPress version?
Yes. However before doing so you should arrange to have your website backed up first to ensure you can roll back if a problem occurs. Keeping your WordPress version up-to-date assists in protecting against hackers.
Can I get a company email as well?
Yes – our sites come with email service, so you can have a professional looking email addresses for you and your staff (yourname@yourdomain.com). Please ask when you make your initial enquiry regarding what email addresses you need, and how many.
How can I accept online payments?
This will depend on whether you run an online store, or whether you simply wish to accept bill payments online. There are a number of different high-security payment options you can choose from that will give your users peace of mind that their details are well protected. These payment systems accept all credit cards, and some accept direct debit details. Some systems come with a small ongoing fee for security and maintenance (charged by the payment service provider, not us) – please ask when you make your initial enquiry.
Will my site be easy for clients and customers to use?
Yes! All of our designs are created with user experience (UX or UE) as a top priority. There are many factors that go into a user friendly website, from clean and fresh graphics, to simple layout, to ‘intuitiveness’ (i.e. how easy it is to shop or find information for someone who’s never visited the site before). From newbies to tech heads, every possible user will find it easy to get around your site.
How do I begin to explain what I want from my new website?
Our professional team has an established process that will help ensure your site meets your needs – even if you can’t articulate what you want at first. Enterprise-level clients are also more than welcome to provide formal briefs and style guides for us to work with.
I’ve seen an ad online which says I can have a website for $50! Why does WME charge more?
Bargain basement websites are not custom designed to your specifications and needs; they’re made from a template that’s just been tweaked to include your business name. This means they won’t help your organisation stand out of the crowd online. They may not be able to be modified or updated easily. The price may only include one page, and will likely not include the price of a domain name or hosting. Customer service is likely to be non-existent. The site would probably be finished off overseas by an underqualified, poorly paid outsourced contractor.

At WME, we’re proud to provide a high-end service worthy of the country’s leading brands. From the moment you enquire to the moment your site goes live, you’ll be well taken care of. We guarantee you’ll love the look and functionality of your site. The best part? Our prices are highly competitive – and getting a quote is 100% free!
Can you test my site for bugs and get rid of them?
Yes – all our sites are fully tested for little issues that could affect the user experience. Our customer care policy also allows for fixes after your site has been launched, in the rare instance that that’s necessary.
Why does my website look different on in IE7/8?
To ensure your website is using the latest web design features we build the sites in HTML 5 & CSS 3. Unfortunately, not all browsers can render every feature from these latest versions. As such, we use our best judgement to gracefully pair back these elements, so that it still works on these browser versions.

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