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Knock Your WordPress Site up a Notch

I see many small businesses with similar website foundations. The website consists of roughly 5 to 10 pages, powered by WordPress (great choice), contact form, homepage slider and currently ranking pretty well on Google. Things are ticking along well for them.

If this is your business then I’m happy for you. However, you shouldn’t just stop here. These simple changes can make a difference to the day-to-day running of your website.

Do more with your online forms

Supercharge your online forms by integrating with a third party EDM provider like MailChimp or Constant Contact. By automatically passing the form data to these services, you can then take advantage of the many automated tools they provide. This gives you the opportunity to do more with leads and gain insights with the powerful reporting tools they have available.

Another option is to change the simple form plugin you may be using to a more robust option. Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms are both great plugins that allow you to provide e-commerce functionality and hook into services like Dropbox. These advanced form plugins can open up logistic opportunities to improve the running of your online business.

Security! Ain’t nobody got time for that

Companies spend a lot of money to secure their online businesses and still somehow end up getting hacked.

So, what can you do to help prevent this? There are plugins like Wordfence that can harden your site, and I also recommend keeping your WordPress version up-to-date.

Even with these in place you can’t stop it completely. However, if you install a back-up plugin that takes weekly back-ups, you then have the power to quickly restore your site and reduce the amount of downtime your online business experiences.

Back-up, back-up, back-up. It’s a mantra we hear all the time in the digital space. So don’t be complacent with your site. Install one of the many back-up plugins available for WordPress.


Control your site on-the-go

There is an app for that:  https://apps.wordpress.org/

Install the WordPress app and go mobile with your site. This is a fantastic tool if you just need the ability to quickly update your website’s page content.

Available for both Android and iOS, it won’t let you control every aspect of your website but, if getting in front of a desktop computer is a rarity, this is a great option.webos-app-feature-image

Homepage slider (refresh or do less)

If you’re not updating these slides on a regular basis then maybe it’s time to bring focus to this area.

With the silly season upon us, I’d normally recommend giving them a Christmas theme. However, if it’s unlikely you’ll change this and end up having the same Christmas banners throughout the year, then I’d recommend using this space to promote your core service or product.

This can help with first impressions and showing your potential customers you are the best option. Sometimes less is more. Google offers many services, but on their homepage they still focus on search.

By Mark Nido

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