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Our Top 5 eCommerce Plugins for WordPress

There are so many plugins out there for WordPress that it can be difficult to know which will be the most beneficial for your site. While there is no stock answer for any two businesses, we’ve put together a list of our favourite plugins to help you distinguish which could be of benefit to your eCommerce store.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

Type: Paid

Turbo-charging your Google Analytics and WooCommerce integration, WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro allows you access to your detailed eCommerce data and insights into the behaviours of your consumers. This helps you to make useful adjustments to your sales funnel, ultimately, advancing your efforts to bring in higher revenue.

This is a paid plugin that works on a 12-month subscription basis, starting at $29 for coverage on one website.

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Easy Digital Downloads

Type: Free

This plugin makes it easy for your eCommerce business to sell downloadable electronic products. Integrating once again with WooCommerce, the number one eCommerce platform for WordPress, Easy Digital Downloads is totally free to install.

While the platform supports both Amazon and PayPal Standard Payments, the plugin also offers a Premium extension that is compatible with 12 extra payment types, including PayPal Pro, PayPal Express and BitPay.


Type: Paid

OptinMonster focusses on lead generation and conversion optimization. Working with you to retain existing customers and convert leads, OptinMonster helps you market directly to your audience by capturing email addresses. Once you have developed a significant list of email subscribers, you can nurture them to make a purchase or become a repeat buyer by offering deals to keep them hooked on your brand.

With simple form design, high-tech exit-intent tracking, segmentation through page-level targeting and A/B testing, OptinMonster gives you all the tools you need to attract qualified, valuable company contacts.

The OptinMonster plugin can be purchased for as little as $9 a month for the Basic package on a 12-month contract.

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WP All Import

Type: Paid

This plugin makes large imports for bulk changes to your eCommerce store effortless. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, WP All Import allows you to direct the data in XML or CSV files to the right fields on your WordPress site. This plugin is compatible with any theme or plugin, so you can merge new data with any existing content, no matter whether it’s managed by an external plugin or not.

There is also a variation of this platform that flips the direction of your content, allowing you to export rather than import. With WP All Export, you can customise your export file and send directly to Dropbox, Google Drive or, with the help of Zapier, over 500 different apps.

This plugin provides a lifetime of support and updates and an unlimited site licence starting from USD $99.

All In One Schema Rich Snippets

Type: Free

While this plugin isn’t directly associated with eCommerce, it’s a great way to improve your product visibility in organic searches with rich snippets.

A rich snippet is an outline of your page that may appear in search engine results. Generally speaking, search engine results pages (SERPs) will only display the title, meta description and URL; however, when Rich Snippets are enabled, the search engine has the capacity to display more than just the stock standard result. Rich Snippets can include information about the type of content (Is it a review? Is it a product description? Is it a business page?) and can even display photos, prices and ratings!

Rich snippets are a far more interactive way of displaying your web page in search engines and All In One Schema Rich Snippets makes it possible for you and your business to engage with searchers in a more alluring manner. This ultimately helps promote your eCommerce store and the products and services you sell. This plugin is totally free so, with its obvious benefit, it would be crazy not to install it!

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