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Specialised e-book and white paper writing services

Position your business as an industry thought leader through the publication of e-books and white papers.

Our writing services can help you produce content that delivers value to your business and your reader through targeted knowledge about specific industry trends, products or services. Convey your voice in an authoritative manner, and solidify yourself as a prominent member of your industry through premium e-book and white paper writing services.

White papers and e-books

A strategic writing service perfect for B2B

White papers and e-books are a fantastic content marketing solution that has helped hundreds of B2B companies expand across Australia – but they don’t suit every business. To decide if your business can get an ROI out of white papers or e-books consider the audiences who are known to engage with this type of content:

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ExecutivesBy illustrating your own experiences in the industry, you can provide a bottom-line solution for other businesses to rely on in order to adapt and grow.

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ManagersWhite papers and e-books can act as guides to help improve the overall management of labour and work flow in a business.

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IT professionalsYou can provide the most up-to-date information needed for businesses to stay on top of trends within industries experiencing rapid change.

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User repsBecome a go-to leader for those who are a part of selection committees that are growing their skills in training and support.

White Papers


What these targeted content tools can do for you

We can turn your industry knowledge and expertise into a strong and effective white paper or e-book that can be used as an informational tool for your known and potential clients.

White Papers

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Offer solutions to common problems

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Delve into new concepts

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Identify and evaluate trending topics

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Provide well-researched data


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Project credibility and resonate with clients

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Drive important industry discussion

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Target various demographics at once

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Engage with fellow specialists

One common challenge within marketing is delivering content to the correct people. This isn’t a problem generally experienced within e-book and white paper publications given the ability to send it directly to those who want it, or having it available for download. This can be done directly on your website, or through a third-party platform with an already established reach.

Invest in a premium white paper and e-book writing service

Working collaboratively in our Melbourne CBD office, WME brings together a team of qualified professional content writers.

We can sit down with you and discuss the industry knowledge you are wanting to share through targeted white papers or e-book publications. Our face-to-face service means we come to understand exactly what makes your business different, and turn that difference into content that helps your business grow.

What our clients say about us

"In our first week we have exceeded
$8k in sales thanks to WME"

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What WME Can Do

With a complete range of digital marketing solutions available from in-house experts, we can use the white papers and e-books we create to not only establish thought leadership, but to generate leads, increase conversions and grow social media followings.

Talk to one of our experienced content marketing strategists today and discover what white papers can do for your business.